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Square peg, round hole

Online Test - example questions

Feedback from successful and unsuccessful candidates alike suggests that applicants find our online tests rather different from those set by other employers. Most view this as positive, but it can also come as a bit of a surprise to some. We have provided a few examples of the type of questions that appear in our test, just to give you a bit of reassurance you'll know what to expect. This format is relevant to online tests for roles at different levels (CAA, Graduate and more senior Associates), although naturally the complexity of the questions will vary so don't be too concerned if any of these sample questions look tricky!

Question 1

A square table with a surface area of 100 is covered with as many circular coasters of area π as possible. The arrangement of the coasters satisfies the following conditions:

  • No coasters overlap each other or the boundaries of the table.
  • They are arranged in straight rows and columns

Calculate the area of the table that is not covered by coasters.

Hint: The formula for the area for a circle is A = π × r2

(4 marks)

Question 2

A tennis player has a 60% chance of winning any given point in a tennis game. Calculate the probability that she will win the game within the first 6 points, stating any assumptions you make.

(A game is won when a player has won at least 4 points and won at least 2 more points than their opponent.)

(5 marks)

Question 3

Showing all of your reasoning, estimate how many tourists visit the UK per month.

(4 marks)