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About the APR Graduate Scheme

Your graduate career with APR will consist of three main elements:

Training and study

APR is committed to providing excellent training for its staff.  Our graduate programme starts with an intensive initial training period, where you will cover the skills most commonly required by our clients: advanced training with Excel and Access; key financial modelling software using in-house Prophet and Mo.Net licences; specialist commercial knowledge; programming courses including VBA, SQL and R.  We know what differentiates the best actuarial students from the crowd, and use this to develop our graduate associates’ technical and communication skills, as well as their wider industry knowledge.

It is in our best interest for our graduate associates to qualify as actuaries as quickly as possible, and to achieve this we provide a comprehensive package of study support.  This includes a generous allowance of study days, the cost of study materials, marking and tutorials, exam fees and subscriptions to professional bodies.  Coupled with our commitment to recruiting the brightest and best graduates, this is the reason our exam pass rate is significantly higher than the national average.

Client projects

As an APR graduate associate, you’ll have the opportunity to work on client projects around the UK and even beyond.  The early responsibility and immediate exposure to client-facing work make us stand out from other actuarial employers.  You could be representing APR at a client site within a month of starting, so confidence in communication and being a quick learner are a must.  That said, any required training will be provided beforehand, as well as ongoing technical support, so we're confident you well be well-prepared to thrive in this environment.

Have a look here at a few profiles of current APR graduates, and see what our graduate associates have been up to.

Developing the business

The vast majority of our graduate associates’ time is spent on client projects.  In between projects, you will be carrying out a range of diverse and interesting roles at APR offices.

Firstly, you will be improving your technical skills and knowledge by working through the APR bespoke development courses.  Our graduate associates complete advanced courses in a variety of software packages and programming languages to ensure they are well equipped to be effective on client projects.

The other major role successful candidates will perform is adding to APR’s technical expertise and business development.  With regards to technical expertise, this could involve creating technical exercises and models to support people in their client projects.  This gives people the opportunity for deep research areas they are interested in to produce high quality resources.

Finally, as a relatively small company, APR can offer its employees significant responsibility that graduates simply wouldn’t get elsewhere.  This could include being a mentor for a junior colleague, delivering training, recruiting new staff, meeting with potential new clients, developing new propositions or getting involved in a range of central areas of the business.