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APR Graduate Associate Scheme

Why choose APR for your graduate career?

APR’s graduate programme will provide a great start to your actuarial career, allowing you to:

  • Be part of a small and very select team of outstanding graduates – we only take on the very best and we won’t compromise on quality, as demonstrated by client feedback and our actuarial exam record.
  • Receive some of the best training that any actuarial employer offers, so that this quality is translated into practical skills to help our clients and your own development.
  • Enjoy unrivalled variety in your work through exposure to different types of client businesses, and even different sectors of actuarial work, giving you a greater breadth of experience than in most traditional programmes.
  • Make a difference very early on in your APR career, working on stimulating assignments with a broad range of clients, and quickly developing your own actuarial network.
  • Be well rewarded financially, through both competitive basic salary and early participation in our bonus and profit-share arrangements – as a small firm we are able to reward you directly for your contribution to our success.

How will you spend your time?

We understand that a key priority for you will be to make progress through the FIA exams to qualify as an actuary as quickly as possible, and we provide a comprehensive study package and a collaborative environment to enable you to do this – as the impressive pass rates of our actuarial employees repeatedly testify.

Beyond this, you will start off with an intensive period of initial training and tuition, covering the skills commonly required by our clients: basic actuarial principles, key software skills, knowledge-based material on our industry and its regulation, common actuarial concepts, effective communication and more general insights into what differentiates the best actuarial students from the crowd. The primary aim of all the training we deliver is to allow you to start making an active contribution to our clients’ requirements from day one.

Once you have successfully completed your initial training, project areas you may well be involved in during the first two years of your APR career include:

  • Developing complex models, commonly in Excel and VBA, to build cashflow, product illustration, capital requirement, reserving and pricing models.
  • Supporting major transformation / regulatory projects and system migrations.
  • Working as a model developer using proprietary actuarial modelling platforms or coding in languages like R and SQL.
  • Supporting core actuarial areas such as financial reporting / valuation, capital management and pricing teams.
  • Reviewing and documenting actuarial calculations and processes.

When back in APR offices between projects, and where possible on in-house days during projects, you will continue to work on your technical and wider skills, using our extensive library of training material and exercises to hone your abilities.  And we’re keen for our actuarial staff to be heavily involved in APR’s growth, so there will be plenty of opportunity to develop your business skills as well, supporting a variety of in-house projects and initiatives.

Follow the links below a to see some profiles of current staff, download a copy of our current graduate brochure or to apply to the scheme, and also to wider external resources.