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Apply for an Actuarial Associate Role

If you are interested in exploring an associate role with APR, please apply by submitting your CV and completing the form below.

The precise way we will assess your application and decide whether you would be a good fit for the APR team (and vice versa!) is likely to vary depending on your experience, but as a default we will tend to follow the below process which is built to assess these skills and how successful we believe you would be at APR. Feedback from applicants at all levels suggests that they find this an engaging approach.

  • CV and online form– An opportunity to show us you’re qualified, motivated and want to join us.
  • Online Test – A mainly numerical test to let you show us your mathematical competence and knowledge. We have provided a few sample questions to give an idea of the what this test will involve – see here for details.
  • Telephone interview – A discussion with a senior member of staff on your reasons for applying to APR, as well as industry and technical knowledge.
  • Assessment centre – An intensive two-hour session in London, Edinburgh or Dublin (although note that for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic we will be conducting assessment centres by video link).  You will be asked to give a presentation on a topic of your choice, have a face to face interview and complete a technical assessment

Actuarial Associate - Apply Now