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Apply for our Junior Analyst Scheme

Requirements and process

The Junior Analyst Scheme is primarily aimed towards those at school-leaver level, so typically applicants have just completed their A-levels (or equivalent) or are in the final year of their studies. However, we are also happy to take applications from those who have either embarked on or completed a university degree, or applicants considering a career change.

Applicants should be highly numerate and analytical, with good communication skills, and be enthusiastic to learn.  You should also possess the following minimum level of academic qualifications (please ensure your application makes clear that you meet or are predicted to meet these, or their equivalents if you have studied under a different qualifications regime):

  • 128 UCAS points (equivalent to ABB at A-Level).
  • Grade A at A-level in a Maths-related subject.
  • Grade 7 at GCSE in English Language (or grade A under the previous system).

Our simple application process is built to assess these skills and how successful we believe you would be at APR.

CAA Application Process

  • CV and application questions – An opportunity to show us you’re qualified, motivated and want to join us.  Note that we will not consider applications that fail to answer our application questions.
  • Online Test – A mainly numerical test to let you show us your mathematical competence and knowledge. We have provided a few sample questions to give an idea of the what this test will involve – see here for details.
  • Telephone interview – A discussion with a senior member of staff on your reasons for applying to APR, as well as industry and technical knowledge.
  • Assessment centre – An intensive two-hour session in London, Edinburgh or Dublin (or virtual!).  You will be asked to give a presentation on a topic of your choice, have a face to face interview and complete a technical assessment.

To apply for the scheme, please provide a copy of your CV and answer our application questions using the form below.

We expect the application of successful candidates to demonstrate a genuine appetite for working towards a professional qualification, a desire to excel in a mathematically challenging and technically demanding role, and a clear sense of why you think APR is a good match for your abilities and ambitions; applications not touching on these areas are likely to be rejected.  Successful candidates will be pro-active, well-rounded individuals, so evidence of non-academic / extra-curricular interests will be beneficial.

Application timescales

We typically have two intakes of new starters each year, a full intake in September and, subject to ongoing client demand, a further smaller intake around February. We therefore welcome applications from those in the final year of studies for the coming September intake, or those who are available sooner looking to start in either of the two intakes – it would be helpful if you could specify your preferred start date in your application.

Although we advertise roles via a number of channels at different times in the year, we are always willing to consider high-quality people, and so welcome applications even when we are not formally advertising. Similarly, there are no formal application deadlines, but we assess candidates as they apply, so recommend early applications where possible.

Note that when application volumes are high (typically in the autumn) there may be a slight delay in responding to you, but please be assured that we consider each application individually and will reply to all applicants.