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APR Actuarial Analyst Scheme

About the Actuarial Analyst scheme

We are always keen to attract high-quality Actuarial Analysts looking to pursue the Certified Actuarial Analyst (CAA) qualification.  This is a globally recognised and portable qualification awarded by a highly-regarded profession (see links below for more information) and so successful candidates will have the opportunity to gain a meaningful qualification while earning and quickly developing some great skills and experience. As well as being a valued qualification in its own right, the CAA qualification can also be used as a stepping stone to becoming an actuary and therefore taking this route does not curtail your ultimate career ambitions.

This programme is perfect for talented, highly numerate school leavers or graduates who want to develop a career in areas that are widely anticipated to be in high demand in future - these include finance, data analysis, coding and modelling.

Why choose APR?

APR's actuarial analyst scheme provides a fantastic start to your actuarial career, without the need to have been to university:

  • You will be joining a very select team of outstanding actuarial staff, as we only take on the best candidates and don't compromise on quality - as demonstrated by our actuarial exam record and excellent client feedback.
  • As an APR analyst you will receive some of the best training in the industry, from a highly experienced team of colleagues - you'll be given hands-on training in a variety of software packages, coding languages, and key technical and professional skills to ensure a lightning start to your development so that you're equipped to dazzle our clients while working on projects.
  • You'll have the chance to make a significant impact early on in your APR career, whether it be delivering high-quality solutions to clients or working on in-house projects, helping to develop our successful business.
  • An analyst role with APR will give you unrivalled variety in your work, through exposure to different types of clients across the whole spectrum of actuarial work, offering a real breadth of experience.
  • APR will fully support you through the whole CAA qualification, both financially and with high-quality training.   You will also be provided with a mentor who you can turn to for day-to-day support and who will look after your ongoing development and future career plans.
  • This is an opportunity to 'earn while you learn'. With a generous starting salary plus bonus, and future increases based on experience and performance, the analyst role is a great chance to work towards a meaningful qualification without accumulating student debt!

Follow the links below to see some profiles of current staff, download a copy of our current analyst brochure or to apply to the scheme, and also to wider external resources.