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Actuarial Associate Roles

We are always looking out for high-quality people to expand our consulting team of Actuarial and Senior Actuarial Associates, and we hope this page gives some insight into why this might be suitable for you.  In particular we are currently looking to recruit additional part-qualified and newly-qualified actuaries with one to three years' experience - see here for a full role profile.  We are also always open to applications from those with significant post-qualification experience.  If you are interested in applying, please submit your CV and a covering letter using our online application form.

Please note that unfortunately we are unable to support visa sponsorship, so as part of your application it would be helpful if you could confirm your right to work in the UK.

Why join APR?

The key attractions for those associates who have joined us via this route have been:

  • The opportunity to experience a wider variety of actuarial work, which can be liberating for those whose careers to date have tended to focus on fairly narrow set of functions.
  • The possibility of moving into the insurance and consulting sector from less technically challenging or declining sectors of practice, or more back-office roles.
  • Accelerated technical development via access to APR’s extensive technical library and training capacity.
  • The chance to join a fast-growing business, working alongside some exceptional actuarial talents and in an environment which champions mutual success.
  • A remuneration package that includes strong alignment with client fees generated, and participation in APR’s profit share scheme.
  • For those considering a move into pure contracting, exposure to some of the upside elements of this type of work without all of the associated risks (see details of our Retained Associate offering below).

Many of these sentiments are summed up in these comments from one of our recently joined associates:

Like many other part-qualified actuaries working in industry, I had gained a very useful but somewhat narrow range of experience in my previous job, and I feared I would have difficulty changing practice areas in the future. APR offers exposure to a wide range of projects and actively takes employee and client preferences into account when making decisions on work allocation. I have only been here 6 months and have already had projects at two companies with roles in different areas where I am continuously learning.

This was one of my main reasons for wanting to join APR but after I joined I was pleasantly surprised by many of the other benefits of working here. For example, there is a lot of focus on employee training with regular internal tutor-led courses, self-taught courses using APR’s impressive training library and a yearly allowance for external training. There is a high level of autonomy on what employees can do to improve their skillset and in house time can be used to carry it out.

Being an actuarially focused employer, APR has over 90 actuaries whose expertise we can learn from, which is more than many large employers. However, it also has the advantage of being a relatively small and growing company. It has a flat management structure and many opportunities to get involved in business development projects – opportunities that wouldn’t be available at a larger company.

Having employees working with different clients, there is the risk that they will not interact much and some people will not be aware of what is happening at APR. To help avoid this there is a wide range of regular social events we can get involved in such as coffee/games catch ups, special events and, most recently, a company-wide chess league. There are also regular updates from partners to all employees and information is shared on available client and in-house projects.

Mujtaba - APR Actuarial Associate

An engagement basis to suit your circumstances

For associates joining us further on in their actuarial careers we offer different bases of engagement to suit your needs.

Permanent Employed Associate

As a Permanent Employed Associate you will be a fully salaried member of staff, with a competitive basic salary and the opportunity to earn additional bonus on top of that, currently a fees-based bonus and access to the APR profit share arrangement.

You will join our existing team of associates, most of whom began their career under our graduate training scheme, and will enjoy the full security that a permanent salaried role provides.

When not working on client projects you will be based permanently at one of APR's offices, in London or Edinburgh or Dublin, preparing for your next project and assisting in other areas of the business, for example developing technical material, training other staff or helping with business development.

Retained Associate

Our Retained Associates are also permanent members of staff, but rather than receiving a base salary, you will be paid at a daily rate for client work, based on a percentage of the equivalent market rate for a self-employed contractor.

When not working on client projects you will have a guaranteed number of in-house days, for which you will be paid an agreed daily rate, and which you will spend at APR offices, developing your own skills and helping us to grow the business.   You will also have access to the APR profit share arrangement.

The advantage of the retained approach is that you will enjoy many of the upside benefits of pure contracting, in terms of earning potential and flexibility, but with added security for periods between client projects.

We are very happy for associates to join us as salaried members of staff, and then discuss moving to retained associate status after a period of time – indeed many of our own employed staff who joined us as graduates have moved to this basis as a means of developing their careers.