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News & Views

CAA: the alternative pathway
A journey from CAA to FIA

APR took on our first cohort of students for the Certified Actuarial Analyst role in September 2017. Having since qualified as a CAA and progressed onto the FIA exams one of this cohort, Morgan Smith-Woodhams, gives her views on the qualification itself and its merits as an alternative route into the actuarial profession.

IR35 Guide
IR35 – a summary for actuarial managers

Most actuarial managers who engage with contractors will be aware that changes to the IR35 rules coming into effect from April next year will have an impact on their teams (and many will already have started to feel the effect), but the longer-term impact of the legislation is less clear. In this article we summarise the key things actuarial managers need to think about to prepare.

IR35 Detail
IR 35 – a detailed guide for actuarial managers

IR35 is a complex topic, and while it’s still not entirely clear where the market will land, what is clear is that it could have a significant effect on many actuarial projects and departments. In this more detailed article we explain the forthcoming changes, and give our view of their impact on the market, to help to equip managers to prepare.

2019 Charity Day
APR Charity Day 2019

This year’s APR Charity Day took place on 27 November, and yet again we exceeded all previous years’ totals, with 27 staff and 7 contractors combining with the APR partners to donate over £13,000 across eight different charities selected by our staff. Find out about how it works and the charities we are supporting here.

Graduate Talent Consulting
APR Consulting: 2019 Review

At APR we have built our reputation as providers of high-quality interim resource, but for many years we have also worked successfully with clients on a consulting basis. In this article we reflect on how our consulting business, based firmly on our exceptionally talented team, has grown over the course of 2019.

Climate Change
Climate Change – Investment and Disclosure Considerations

As well as being of fundamental importance to society at large, climate change is becoming an increasingly hot topic in the finance sector. In this article we look into two areas related to this: the recommendations and supervisory statement from the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures, set up by the PRA; and some of the wider considerations around Environmental, Social and Governance investment.

Count Me In
‘Count Me In’ – Promoting Diversity in the Actuarial Profession

In October three APR staff attended and spoke at the two IFoA ‘Count Me In’ events in Edinburgh and London. These events were aimed at giving prospective actuaries tips on joining the profession, with a particular emphasis on increasing diversity in the profession, something we ourselves are increasingly focusing on.

Curriculum 2019
Curriculum 2019 Review

Following the April 2019 exam sitting, the first under Curriculum 2019, we took a look at the changes and how they affect employers, managers and actuarial students – we have now updated this article with further observations from the September 2019 sitting.

IFRS 17 amendments
IFRS 17 – The Second Amendment

In June 2018 the IASB released an Exposure Draft covering some changes to the IFRS 17 regulations – in our view these amendments are generally positive. We look at each of the key amendments in turn and try to tease out the impact this may have for insurers gearing up for IFRS 17.

Champions League All English Ties
Champions League – All English Ties?

With the first legs of the 2019 Champions League quarter finals about to kick off, what were the chances of an all-English tie when the draw was made, or indeed two, or none at all. The maths behind calculating these probabilities is relatively straightforward, but what about simulating the various scenarios in a model?