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Contracting with APR

Why contract through APR?

APR’s partners have been working closely with self-employed actuarial contractors for the past 20 years.  Over that period the market has changed significantly in nature and size, but as well as the strong contractor relationships we have developed, our experience of the market has given us a strong insight into what contractors find valuable.

Let’s face it, the most important factor for contractors will be to work with an agency which will find you suitable roles. We understand this, but aside from having access to clients making up a large proportion of the UK insurance industry our aim is to make contracting as straightforward as possible, leaving you to concentrate your energies to providing an excellent service to our mutual clients.

We have listed below the key aspects of our service which we believe epitomise this aim.  Many agencies offer some of these aspects, but in our experience very few can claim to provide them all.

  • We can count a large proportion of the UK finance and insurance sector as our clients, giving you access to as wide a range of work as possible.
  • As qualified actuaries, we have a deep understanding of the finance and insurance industries, and the actuarial profession, so you can be confident of dealing with people who understand you.
  • This understanding, combined with our sophisticated skills matching processes, enable us accurately to match client requirements to your skill-sets, so that we will only contact you for roles where we believe you will be a credible candidate.
  • We guarantee that we will never put your CV forward for a role without your express permission.
  • We will keep you updated.  We understand there’s nothing more frustrating than being submitted for a role and then hearing nothing further.  While some of this is outside our control, regular feedback from contractors is that we do this much better – even if it’s only to confirm a role is lost – than many of our competitors.
  • We will market you effectively.  For those clients where we are on a preferred supplier list, we’d put our record of winning business up against any of our competitors.  This includes taking the time to tailor profiles and CVs to specific roles, real attention to detail to ensure your submission is presented in an error-free and professional manner and getting you submitted for suitable roles very quickly (in our experience, for certain clients this is key to maximising chances).
  • We aim to have the right amount of contact with you, both while you are on contract with APR and outside – we commit to not bombarding you with irrelevant roles and requests, but will keep in touch on a regular basis to keep you up to speed with the market and make sure we are aware of your intentions.
  • We are happy to give contractors access to documents from our technical library to prepare themselves for client projects, and also support contractors with training and CPD.
  • Where possible, we will support you with travel and accommodation arrangements, making use of our experience in getting the best available deals.
  • While many contractors will choose to take their own PI cover for a number of reasons, regardless you will be covered by APR’s PI policy.
  • We won’t pressure you to accept a rate, but will be open with you on what a suitable market rate should be for each project; similarly, we will be frank with the client where we believe their rate expectations are unrealistic.
  • We guarantee the timing of monthly payments to you, regardless of when we receive payment from the client.
  • We give you the choice of contracting on a PAYE or Personal Services Company basis. For those contracting via PSCs:
    • We believe our contracts are consistent with the principles of IR35.
    • We will prepare a monthly “self-bill” invoice for you, meaning you don’t need to worry about invoicing us.

We are happy to provide testimonials from contractors already working through APR on how we compare to our competitors – here are just a couple:

APR have secured me long-term contracts with five insurers and I believe that a key reason for this is their careful matching of my skills against the role I am applying for.  I would have no reservations in recommending APR as my agency of choice when they have successfully placed me in roles for the vast majority of my contracting career.  APR have always been available and approachable either on the telephone, by email or face-to-face, and have always been open and honest.”Mark H, Actuarial contractor for over 8 years

“Roger and Gary offer a high-standards professional service when it comes to helping candidates looking for roles. Strongly recommended.”Nikos, Actuarial contractor for over 8 years

Join our contractor pool

Whether you are currently in a permanent role and are considering for the first time if actuarial contracting is for you, or are a seasoned actuarial contractor who feels that some of the points above resonate with your view of how contracting should work, we would be delighted to speak to you.

Please either submit your CV using the link below or, if you would prefer, contact one of our partners to have an informal and frank chat about the pros and cons of contracting and the opportunities we are seeing within the market.

Send us your CV

Consistent with our philosophy of targeting roles at specific, suitable individuals, we do not advertise roles on our website, but we would be delighted to have a chat with you to give you a flavour of the sort of roles we have filled which might suit your skill-set.

Contractor referral scheme

We also offer a generous referral scheme and have already paid out such rewards on many occasions.

For any new contractors brought to our attention, we will pay a referral fee of £1,000 should we place that contractor for more than three months.  50% of the fee will be paid as soon as the contractor starts their first month of placement with APR and the remaining 50% paid on starting their fourth month.  To be eligible for the reward we just require the contact details of the new contractor and their permission for us to contact them.

We also recognise those actuarial contractors who choose to get in touch with us proactively so a self-referral fee of the same amount will also be paid in those circumstances.