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APR Wins Investors in People Gold Award

Investors in People (IIP) means more to us than just an accreditation. As a rapidly growing organization it is very important for us to make sure that our investment into our staff not only stays at its high standards but also improves over time. As such we are very pleased to announce that APR has met the high baseline required to achieve the Gold accreditation of We Invest from IIP.

Where Were We?

In July of 2020 we had successfully managed to obtain the Standard accreditation from IIP. This was an invaluable exercise as not only did it confirm to us that our investment in our staff development and growth was effective and visible but it also gave us some idea of where we wanted to go next and how we could further improve as an organization.

A big focus in the feedback from that initial accreditation was around how we could help our staff really push themselves to take on more responsibility. Alongside this we also knew that we wanted to better integrate our values as an organisation and make sure that those values were shared by the majority of staff at APR.

How Did We Do This Time?

As an organisation we have almost doubled in size since our last assessment. We have also expanded into Ireland, opening an office in Dublin, and have restructured leadership so we are a very different company from our initial accreditation. So, to see that despite all this rapid change we managed to have 84% of people agree that their managers are invested in the development of their skills is a massive achievement in our eyes. It demonstrates that we never lost sight of two of our values, We Nurture and We Excel.

Furthermore, 82% of people agreed that they share our organisations values. This is a great sign that we have managed to successfully incorporate our values into the day to day working lives of our staff.

Some of the other positive themes that were evident in our feedback are:

Obviously, this is just a small subset of how we performed against the IIP assessment framework and it was very pleasing to see we had reached a sufficient level across the assessment criteria that IIP deemed us suitable for a Gold accreditation.

Where Do We Go From Here?

While we are quite pleased with the fact that we’ve managed to achieve the Gold accreditation we are not content to rest on our laurels. Moving forward there are many ideas in our final accreditation report on how we could be even better and what we need to do to implement these. At the centre of these ideas are our five core values and how they can be even further implemented across the organisation. Our main aim will be to ensure we continue to focus on our team and keep their development and support at the heart of what we do.

A big thank you to all our team who helped out over the last three years to implement the systems and networks that have enabled us to achieve the Gold accreditation, as well as to those that took time out of their busy schedules to take part in the surveys and interviews that formed part of the assessment.

James Nicholl

March 2024