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APR launches Dublin base

We are delighted to announce that we have set up an operation in the heart of Dublin and have already appointed our first members of our Dublin actuarial team. We have been serving the Irish market since 2012 from our Edinburgh and London offices, but have felt for some time that we should open a Dublin base to better serve our Irish clients.  This will enable our Irish clients to benefit from our high-quality staff, who love to solve problems and who hit the ground running, without having to incur the significant travel and accommodation expenses of bringing people over from the UK.

For those firms who have not used us before and are perhaps less familiar with our services and what sets us apart, I’d like to quickly summarise what we do and how we differ from others.

Our services

We have two main service lines:

We intend to grow our Dublin team steadily over the coming months, but at all times we will continue to be able to provide support from our team of over 55 UK actuarial staff.

How we differ

Right from founding our business back in 2006, we decided that we wanted quality to be inherent in all we did.  Many companies talk about quality, but we felt that it would be most effective for us to demonstrate our quality through actions.  Given our staff are at the heart of our business, it felt natural for them be our focus.  This has resulted in the following key differentiators:

Essentially, we recruit great people and then grow them through investing in significant amounts of training.  These two elements help ensure that our people can hit the ground running, something for which our clients regularly compliment us.  This ethos will apply equally to our Dublin office, ensuring our Irish clients continue to experience the high-quality work we have built our name on.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more, or explore how we could potentially help you and your team, please do get in touch with me at

Roger Austin

September 2020