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Interim actuarial solutions

APR Ireland

A different approach to interim actuarial solutions

Since 2020, APR have established an operation in the heart of Dublin and have already appointed the first members of our Dublin actuarial team. While we have been serving the Irish market since 2012 from our UK offices, the Dublin base will better serve our Irish clients.  This will enable our Irish and European clients to benefit from our high-quality staff, who love to solve problems and hit the ground running, without having to incur the significant travel and accommodation expenses of bringing people over from the UK.

Our services

We have two main service lines:

  • Interim resourcing: This is where we second a member of our staff to support your team, effectively providing you with an additional team member or members to bolster your ranks. More information can be found here.
  • Consulting: This service involves us scoping out a piece of work, agreeing deliverables and then putting together a team of our staff to fulfil the agreed deliverables; in essence, we take the load off your back. More information can be found here.

We intend to grow our Dublin team steadily over the coming months, but at all times we will continue to be able to provide support from our team of over 90 UK actuarial staff.

How we differ

Although there are significant differences between our consulting and resourcing services, the key constant is the quality of the people we bring to the work. This has resulted in the following key differentiators:

  • Calibre of our staff: We are highly selective when recruiting our staff. Our assessment process consists of a phone interview, online assessment, presentation, test and face to face interview, and is highly selective at each stage.  We use this process to identify those individuals who have the skills and aptitude to deliver a great service to our clients.  In each of the past few years, we have typically had over 600 applicants from graduates wanting to join our team, out of which we have taken on around 5-6 per year.  This selection process results in consistently high calibre individuals who proactively seek to solve problems and add value from the outset.
  • Training: Once we recruit our staff, we then put them through our intensive induction training for the first two to three months. But the training doesn’t stop there: we continue to provide ongoing training and development for all our staff, including after they qualify as actuaries, which contributes to our great staff retention record.  This training is highly practical, honing their skills in areas often required on client projects, whether it is software-related (e.g. Excel, VBA, SQL, Prophet, etc.), wider skills (e.g. communication, project management, leadership, etc.) or industry knowledge (e.g. specific products, actuarial techniques, regulation, etc.).

Essentially, we recruit great people and then grow them through investing in significant amounts of training.  These two elements help ensure that our people can hit the ground running, something for which our clients regularly compliment us.  This ethos will apply equally to our Dublin office, ensuring our Irish clients continue to experience the high-quality work we have built our name on.

Working for APR Ireland

  • We continue to look for talented graduates and Actuarial Associates to grow the APR Ireland team.
  • Induction and training of successful applicants will take place along with our new joiners from our other bases, with project work to follow in and around Dublin where we have already worked with a number of different clients in recent years.
  • We see this as an excellent opportunity to be a key member of the team as we take the next step in our quickly expanding business, one with a proven successful track record in the UK.
  • More information about roles currently available and how to apply can be found here.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more, or explore how we could potentially help you and your team, please do get in touch with me at