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Supporting Diversity & Inclusion

APR has always recognised the value of having as much diversity of backgrounds and thought as possible in the business.  To support this we established a Diversity and Inclusion working group in 2019 and subsequently have:

  • Been participating in the Actuarial Mentoring Programme, which is the profession’s initiative to provide mentoring and support to female or minority group actuaries and students.
  • Reviewed all our recruitment materials to ensure their language and imagery are inclusive.
  • Changed our induction process to make sure we check for potential adaptations so that none of our people are avoidably disadvantaged.
  • Committed to making 2021 our baseline year for diversity measurement, including ethnic background, gender and disability where voluntarily disclosed.
  • Started to measure candidate diversity at the four stages of our recruitment process to identify any gaps or irregular drops in groups as the process progresses.

We have recently expanded the level of support provided through our maternity and paternity leave policies and are working to create more widespread opportunities for flexible working. We recognise the benefit this can bring to working parents and some minority groups, but also the value it offers to APR through the ability to access larger talent pools and diverse skills. This positive impact extends to the wider sector by reducing the risk of talent being lost from the actuarial profession.

Despite our positive approach to diversity and inclusion, we have a long way to go before we could claim to reflect our communities in the way we would like.  We will therefore be setting long-term targets in 2022 and consulting with professional bodies, clients and others in our industry to make a positive impact in this area and ensure we are fully representative at all levels of the company.

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