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Collaboration – with Clients and Experts

APR has always worked closely with clients to understand their goals and support specific projects.  Our ambition is that the positive impacts on sustainability and the associated challenges we have identified and started to address will be amplified by developing ongoing collaborations with like-minded organisations.

Climate change has added risk and complexity for our clients.  These include threats to physical assets, disruption of resource availability, transition risks leading to stranded assets or liability risks arising from losses and damages from the effects of climate change.

To help our clients address these challenges we have been training and supporting our staff with the skills they need to make a broad and positive impact. We seek to work with our clients not just to help them protect their own business from these risks, but also to focus their resources on combatting the underlying problem of climate change. We recognise that there is much more we can do in this area, and will continue to build up our knowledge and capability so that we can play our part fully.

We have an opportunity to build on our existing strong relationships with clients, professional bodies, universities and schools, to broaden our reach and collaborate to address shared priorities as they emerge.  An example of this is in the increasing breadth of engagement we have built up with universities, where we recognise there is both an expanding resource of sustainability skill sets, emerging research and thought leadership, and an increasing demand for employers who provide opportunities to participate meaningfully in these areas.

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