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Mission, Vision & Values

Having grown our business steadily and organically over fifteen years, we feel very positive about the future for APR, our staff, contractors and clients. Unsurprisingly, we intend to continue this growth, developing into new markets, working with new clients and further enhancing the expertise within our team.

Our mission and vision are shown here, as well as the values that underpin our culture.

Our Mission

To solve business problems by identifying, training and developing the best numerical and analytical talent, and using that talent to deliver real value and insights to our clients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a deeply trusted partner of our clients, supporting them in reaching their potential by solving the complex numerical and analytical problems within their businesses.

Our Values
We Excel

We are motivated to produce great outcomes, for our clients and for APR.

We value innovation, creativity and ability far more than status and hierarchy.

We enjoy the challenge that comes with solving difficult problems, whatever the context.

We Simplify

We have a flat company structure that encourages autonomy and ownership, while avoiding politics and unnecessary bureaucracy.

We develop streamlined solutions, irrespective of the complexity of the environment, readily pitching in to get the job done.

We are flexible, open-minded and easy to work with, whether dealing with clients, suppliers or colleagues.


We place great value on training and developing our staff, as we know this is essential to future success.

We collaborate, share knowledge and support one another.

We strive to improve and develop our people, our business and our service to clients.


We have confidence to say what people need to hear, rather than what they want to hear.

We trust and encourage all staff to take on responsibility throughout their careers, because we see them as the future leaders of our business.

We are resourceful by nature, seeing opportunities for solutions in every problem.


We are committed to growing in a sustainable way, investing in and rewarding the contribution of all those in our business.

We ensure that everyone involved with APR is treated equitably and fairly.

We conduct business in an ethical way, seeking to become trusted partners and develop long-standing relationships with clients and other stakeholders.