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Our Present

In the ten years or more since, we have built up our team, so that we now employ around 25 actuarial staff.  For projects where a wider set of skills is required we also have strong relationships with over 150 contractors and access to a further 150 in addition.  To support our growth, in 2015 Tim Nash joined us as a third partner.

Over the past ten years APR has established a strong reputation for providing high-quality interim solutions and has worked with more than 35 UK insurance companies, consultancies and other financial institutions, including the majority of the top 10 UK insurers.

Most pleasing to us is the number of companies who, after experiencing the quality of APR’s solutions, repeatedly come back to us to access this quality in the knowledge that we can give them a cost effective solution, quite often ceasing to use any other interim suppliers.

Consistent with the relative maturity of the markets, historically most of our work has been on the life side rather than non-life.  However, our clients have recognised that particularly at the student actuary level, the skill sets needed to add value are highly transferrable between life and non-life, and we are now undertaking an increasing number of projects for general insurers.

And extending this concept we firmly believe that actuaries can provide value far outside the traditional actuarial sectors.  We have worked with clients on data analytics projects in the banking, investment and energy sectors, and have a keen interest in developing within these wider markets.