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Interim actuarial solutions

About APR

A different approach to interim actuarial solutions

Our business objective at APR is very straightforward – we aim to provide our clients with high-quality actuarial and technical solutions, with a desire to be the most trusted provider of interim and project actuarial services in the marketplace.

We achieve this using our unique service model, matching our clients’ requirements to the most suitable resources available, from either our own staff pool or our trusted contractors.

These solutions take the form of:

  • Interim resourcing solutions, providing resource and support on a full range of actuarial projects.
  • Consulting solutions, using our resources and expertise to address a variety of client needs.
  • Technical training services.

How are we different?

Our clients frequently tell us that it is our flexible, high-quality, dual team approach that enables us to provide solutions which set us apart from others in the highly competitive interim services market.  Here is a bit more detail on some of the key elements of how it works:

  • We have a team of exceptionally high-quality, talented actuarial employees who are not available for client projects other than via APR.
  • Our industry-leading training and development approach enables us to give our employees the skills and knowledge required for client projects, allowing them to shine and continually develop.
  • When coupled with our team of trusted contractors, we can deliver blended cost-effective solutions which other providers can’t, focusing on value and reducing risk.
  • Our in-depth knowledge of the skills of our staff and contractors enables us to identify quickly the individuals best suited to our clients’ needs.
  • Clients’ positive experience with us means that we receive lots of repeat business, with some clients choosing to use us as their sole supplier of actuarial solutions.
  • As actuaries ourselves, we understand the businesses of our clients, as well as contributing to the thought leadership of the profession.
  • We are naturally innovative, and recognise that our services are able to deliver value outside of traditional actuarial sectors – for example we have delivered projects within the data analytics and energy sectors.

More than just a great service to clients

Most service providers and consultancies will tell you that their clients are central to their business – and we’re no different.

We believe the best way to achieve this is by investing in training our staff, exposing them to a wide range of projects and giving them the opportunity to work with exceptionally talented people so that they continually develop their skills – clients frequently tell us that this is one of the reasons they value our people so highly.

This doesn’t happen by itself.  We work hard to identify and recruit highly intelligent people, providing them with exceptional training, all within a culture where they are encouraged to exercise their intellectual curiosity, collaborate with their colleagues, extend APR’s technical resources for the benefit of themselves, their peers and our clients – and of course to enjoy themselves!

Beyond resourcing

While our core service has been, and remains, the provision of interim placement services, this intensive development of our staff pool means that we can provide much more than just standard resourcing solutions.  Many clients engage our staff in key project roles, tapping into their technical and consulting expertise.  We have also increasingly been able to leverage both our expanding scale and expertise to deliver actuarial consulting solutions, and our technical material to provide bespoke training services to our clients.

As for our pool of contractors, differentiating in the competitive actuarial contract market is difficult.  But we feel there are good reasons why contractors and clients alike choose to engage through APR.  Not least of these is that we can use our technical resources to support our contractor associates, giving them a competitive advantage.

We are keen that our contractors also buy into our culture of excellence – our deep and long-standing relationships with many suggest that this is the case.

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