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“People who live in glass houses should take out insurance.” – Unknown Author

Our view of the UK non-life or general insurance interim actuarial resources market is that it lacks the maturity, quality and depth of its equivalent on the life insurance side.  This is partly driven by a limited pool of contractors and a large number of non-life insurers, a combination of which does not lead to good cost control nor a strong incentive always to improve individual performance.

This has been borne out in conversations with a wide number of non-life clients, where feedback is commonly that while there are some high quality non-life contractors out there, they are of limited supply and very careful quality control is required to ensure good value is obtained.

Our approach to this issue has been two-fold.

We remain keen to work with, and expand, our pool of non-life contractors.  We actively seek out contractors who empathise with the above views and are eager to work with a company that values their quality and individual skill-sets, and can help to differentiate them across our non-life client base.

Secondly, while APR has been a leading supplier of interim actuarial resource in the life insurance sector for many years, it is only more recently that we have focused more on leveraging the benefits of our unique operating model to an increasing number of non-life insurers via secondment of our own permanent actuarial employees.  As has underpinned our rapid growth on the life side, key advantages of our staff are:

  • Known and demonstrable quality.
  • In-depth knowledge of the personality, skills and experience of the people we are seconding to our clients.
  • Costs below that of self-employed non-life contractors particularly at the part-qualified level.

What does APR offer?

“Accidents, try to change them – it’s impossible.  The accidental reveals man.” – JB Priestly

APR’s staff have provided services to non-life insurers in areas including:

  • Automation and streamlining of finance processes, commonly in Excel VBA and Access.
  • Re-engineering, documenting and enhancing crucial pricing models.
  • Testing support to migrations of actuarial reserving software.
  • Construction of PPO reserving models.
  • BAU support to non-life reserving teams across a range of different business lines.
  • Transformation of heavily manual processes (such as production of a Syndicate Benefit Forecast) into an automated routine.
  • Solvency II Pillar 3 support.
  • MI and reporting analysis in a group reserving team.
  • Solvency II documentation in areas such as assumption setting and end-to-end data flow.

A number of our staff have wide exposure to other key software used commonly in the non-life industry including SAS, R and @Risk, in addition to holding strong core skills in areas such as Excel, VBA, Access and SQL.  We are also investing significantly in training our staff in areas such as data analytics  and data visualization, which we expect to be of particular interest to non-life insurers.

For certain other areas of non-life practice such as pricing, capital modelling and development of Igloo, Emblem and Remetrica models, we are able to resource such projects mainly via our pool of non-life contractors.

Why use APR?

Most of the reasons why clients choose to work with APR are equally valid in the Non-life sector as on the life side; these include the quality of our people, as demonstrated by our client testimonials, our understanding of their skill-sets and client requirements and our clear proposition focused specifically on interim actuarial solutions.

One Chief Actuary of a non-life company recently summed up the quality of our staff:

“I just wanted to provide some feedback on John. In short he has been fantastic. We have all been very impressed by his ability to understand details quickly, his professionalism, diligence and great work output.  He is making tremendous progress and really helping us improve our process and documentation.  Thank you for recommending him and we are very pleased with the results.”

Similar sentiments were expressed by another Head of Actuarial Pricing:

“Marc is doing an excellent job – he gets on well with the team and his work is very high quality. He is clearly a very bright guy who is quick at picking up our requirements and producing smart solutions. He was exactly what we needed on this particular project so I’m very pleased we took him on.”