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ARP client solutions

How APR Can Help

Simply put, our actuaries help solve our clients’ problems by adding resource, expertise, or both.

We provide this via three main channels:

  • Secondment: An APR member of staff will fill a gap in your team. This could be to add a particular skill or area of expertise, to cover for maternity leave/staff resignation, or to back-fill where internal staff are needed on other projects.
  • Consulting solutions: We will work with you to understand your problem, design a solution, and put together a team to see it through to delivery.
  • Technical training: One of our technical experts will deliver training to your staff, leaning on our market-leading training material

The first step is always to gain a thorough understanding of the issue you need to address. We then use our extensive experience to develop a proposed solution (which could be secondment or consulting in nature), discuss this with you to agree the approach, and then deliver a high-quality, cost-effective service.

Our sole focus is using our actuarial personnel to provide great value to our clients. Though most of our clients are in the traditional life and non-life fields, we strongly believe that actuaries can provide value in a range of industries, and have helped a number of clients outside the insurance sector.  We are always interested in exploring opportunities in new areas.

Click on the panels to find out more about our services, or have a look at the testimonials from a few of our clients below.

Client testimonials

“I have now used interim actuarial support provided by APR from both their self-employed contractor and their employee resource pools. Whether using senior actuaries or junior students, I have been very impressed with the service and the quality of individuals provided. In particular, the calibre of student recruited by APR to their own employee pool and their ability to pick up new skills quickly, coupled with the significant training from the actuarial partners, has allowed even junior students to contribute meaningfully from the first day on-site. I believe that APR’s focus on training in practical skills allows their staff to add value from the outset.”

Jim Ewing, Chief Actuary (now CFO), AEGON UK

“Having had no former experience of APR we engaged two of their mid-level actuarial student associates to support us on a critical project to streamline our actuarial reserving systems across a number of business entities.  Although they had no previous GI exposure, both got quickly up to speed with our systems and processes and were able to provide great value, both to the initial project and more widely.  Being able to use two such high-quality people at costs significantly below contractor rates over the 12-18 month period was hugely valuable for us – we have since re-engaged APR to provide further support in our reserving teams including at qualified actuary level.”

Peter Tavner – Group Chief Actuary, MS Amlin

“Since we started working with APR, we have made regular use of their staff on a range of actuarial projects and BAU work.  We typically engage their junior to mid-level students, whom we’ve found to be of high quality and possessing strong all-round skills, so that even on technically demanding projects, they are able to start adding value to Wesleyan quickly.   We have no hesitation in contacting APR whenever we identify a short-term need.”

Toby Hester – Head of Actuarial (now Deputy Chief Products Officer), Wesleyan