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APR Charity Day 2017

APR charity day 2017On 21 November 2017, sixteen APR staff members and four contractors raised £8,760 for the charities of their choice, just by going to work for the day.

The initiative, now in its second year, encourages staff to raise money in an effective manner. Why bake cakes or run marathons when you can calculate reserves for a book of annuities, design an innovative retirement product, or carry out some stress-testing?  After all, simply turning up for work tends to result in greater take-up than some of the more imaginative activities!

The idea is that staff who so volunteer contribute a working day with clients as normal, but agree to forego 50% of a day’s pay; APR then pay 100% of the fee received for that day to a charity that each member of staff has nominated.

Four charities were selected for support this year: Anthony Nolan, Leukaemia UK, Parkinsons.Me, and The Trussell Trust.  See below for more details of these, as well as links to their websites if you’d like to find out more or to donate.

The 2017 event attracted more involvement than in 2016, with the inclusion of contractors for the first time. For the 2018 event, we plan to also involve clients.

Trussell TrustTrussell Trust

The Trussell Trust runs a network of over 400 foodbanks, giving emergency food and support to people in crisis across the UK, where thirteen million people live below the poverty line.

In the last year it gave 1,182,954 three-day emergency food supplies to people in crisis.

Leukaemia UKLeukaemia UK

Someone in the UK is diagnosed with a blood cancer every 14 minutes.  That’s more than 34,000 people every year.

Leukaemia UK will support those affected by blood cancer, and their family and friends, through the physical, psychological and financial uncertainty that lies ahead.


Parkinsons.Me provides positive support and advice to families affected by Parkinson’s.

Its aim is to help families create a ‘new normal’ by looking after each member’s emotional and physical health in mutually supportive ways.


Anthony Nolan

Antony Nolan matches incredible individuals willing to donate their blood stem cells or bone marrow to people with blood cancer and blood disorders who desperately need lifesaving transplants.

Founded in 1974 it now helps three people each day find that lifesaving match.

Anthony Nolan


James Robinson

November 2017