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APR Charity Challenge 2022

Since APR’s first virtual mission back in February 2021, a lot has changed, but something that hasn’t is the importance exercise has on our body and mind. Since the height of lockdown, 1.3 million adults have become inactive. Post-pandemic data has shown a slight increase in activity levels across England with 58% of the population being active in March 2020 compared to 61% 12 months later, although we are yet to meet pre-pandemic levels [1]. With life slowly getting back to ‘normal’ it’s great to see people are getting more active however, with around one third of adults and young people in England and Wales feeling their mental health has got significantly worse since March 2020 [2] there is much more we need to do. So, after countless requests, APR decided to hold another charity challenge over the month of May 2022.

With ‘We Dare’ being one of our values, it was only right we upped the intensity this year, consequently leading to staff running, cycling and swimming a staggering 2334 miles from the UK’s southernmost point (Lizard Point), to the UK’s easternmost point (Lowestoft Ness), up to the UK’s northernmost point (Dunnet Head) and over to Irelands westernmost point (Dunmore Head) and back again to Lizard Point. As previous, we completed the challenge using an app called ‘My Virtual Mission.’ Our previous challenge was held during lockdown, so it was great that this time around we were able to add an in-person social event. Employees in Edinburgh and London met up after work at their respective offices to complete a short walk to receive some well-earned bonus miles for their teams, whilst taking full advantage of the glorious sunshine.

The mission was completed in two teams named blue and yellow after the two colours of the Ukraine flag as our mission was raising donations for The Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC). Since the beginning of this war, it is thought 12 million Ukrainians have fled their homes leaving behind their whole lives. Of this 12 million, 5 million have fled the country. Many have or are trying to enter neighbouring countries such as Poland, Romania and Hungary with nothing but the few bags they have carried with them. These treks are long, tiring and the nights are cold. DEC has launched a humanitarian appeal for the Ukrainians with donations going towards providing essential hygiene supplies, blankets, and food [3].

Lots of our staff donated to DEC as part of the challenge and APR partners matched contributions. Additional donations were made by APR for each team completing the route to keep everyone incentivised to hit the finish line. A total of £1826.08 was raised so a huge thank you to everyone that took part and donated!

Congratulations to the blue team who finished the mission first. The team comprised of Aidan O’Boyle, Claire Grant, Dennis Wang, Heather Wallace, Ian Angus, Jack Foley, James McConnell, Julian Hitchcock, Katie Rodney, Rhianna Hutchins, Roger Austin, Ross Gordon, Rossana Siddiqi, Sammy Ford, Stephen Garside, Tim Nash and Will Steynor. A notable congratulations to Stephen Garside, Ian McFarlane and Heather Wallace who took podium spots on the leader board with the most miles travelled over the month.





Jenn Claybourn

July 2022