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APR Annual Review Day 2020

APR 2020

On the 23rd of January we held our annual review day followed by our annual winter training day on the 24th. In this article we briefly recap the two days with a few highlights from 2019, our plans for taking the world by storm (we are nothing if not ambitious) in 2020 and a quick look at some of the training our staff undertook on the training day.

Highlights from 2019

2019 marked another record-breaking year for us at APR. It was hard to pick out the key highlights but if we had to name three, they would be:

Looking ahead to 2020

After patting ourselves on the back at a year well done in 2019, we looked ahead to 2020 and spent a productive session setting our 2020 objectives – the three main areas of focus being:

APR training day

R Training We pride ourselves on our training and so training is always a fundamental part of our annual review days, giving our staff an opportunity to gain some CPD and learn a new skill or two. This year we ran three different training sessions on the second day of the event in order to offer our staff some choice and make sure everyone received the training that was relevant to them:

The Train the Trainer and Project Management sessions were both preceded by a highly enlightening session by Phil Creswell on Data Visualisation, and how we can utilise this hot topic within our day-to-day work as actuaries.

And the fun part

Of course, no annual company event would be complete without the opportunity to do a bit of team building and socialising, so don’t worry if you were beginning to think we flog our staff to the bone and don’t let them relax occasionally. On the evening after our review day we had a very successful Taxi Treasure Hunt around central London, and nothing should be read into the fact that the winning team contained one of the partners, Tim Nash. After this we retired to Inamo in Covent Garden for some drinks and food to round off an intensive but enjoyable day.

As a closing note we would like to give a big shout out to the entirety of our central team for all their efforts in organising a very successful and fruitful two days.

Rhianna Hutchins

February 2020

Rhianna Hutchins