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Contracting with APR

Consistent with our philosophy of targeting roles at specific, suitable individuals, we do not advertise roles on our website, but we would be delighted to have a chat with you to give you a flavour of the sort of roles we have filled, and opportunities currently available, which might match your skill-set. Here are a few testimonials from contractors already working with APR:

APR have secured me long-term contracts with five insurers and I believe that a key reason for this is their careful matching of my skills against the role I am applying for. I would have no reservations in recommending APR as my agency of choice when they have successfully placed me in roles for the vast majority of my contracting career. APR have always been available and approachable either on the telephone, by email or face-to-face, and have always been open and honest.”Mark, Actuarial contractor for over 10 years

“Roger and Gary offer a high-standards professional service when it comes to helping candidates looking for roles. Strongly recommended.”Nikos, Actuarial contractor for over 10 years

Why contract through APR?

APR’s partners have been working closely with self-employed actuarial contractors for more than 20 years. Over that period the market has changed significantly in nature and size, but as well as the strong contractor relationships we have developed, our extensive experience of the market has given us a strong insight into what contractors find valuable.

Let’s face it, the most important factor for contractors will be to work with an agency which will find you suitable roles. We understand this, but aside from having access to clients making up a large proportion of the UK insurance industry our aim is to make contracting as straightforward as possible, leaving you to concentrate your energies to providing an excellent service to our mutual clients.

See further details of our fresh approach to supporting our actuarial contractors.

Join our contractor pool

Whether you are currently in a permanent role and are considering for the first time if actuarial contracting is for you, or are a seasoned actuarial contractor who feels that our approach resonates with your view of how contracting should work, we would be delighted to speak to you.

Please either submit your CV using the button above or, if you would prefer, contact or one of our partners to have an informal and frank chat about the pros and cons of contracting and the opportunities we are seeing within the market.

Contractor referral scheme

We also offer a generous referral scheme and have already paid out such rewards on many occasions.

If you introduce or bring to our attention a contractor with whom we don’t already have a relationship, we will pay a referral fee of £500 on completion of the first three months of billable client work by that contractor, followed by another payment of £500 on completion of a further three months. To be eligible for the reward we just require the contact details of the new contractor and their permission for us to contact them.

Upcoming changes to the operation of IR35

In April 2021 new legislation will come into force that will significantly change the operation of the rules surrounding how firms engage contractors (generally known as the IR35 regulations). The last-minute deferral of the implementation of these changes in response to the coronavirus crisis will have been welcome to many contractors, although others had already made the transition across to a PAYE arrangement.

Prior to the change we produced a Q&A document in September 2019 outlining the changes and their potential implications for contractors – please see this here – and provided a further update in December 2019 on developments since - please see here. Although not updated for the deferral, we hope that these documents remain nonetheless remain a useful reference for those who will need to prepare for the changes in 2021, and we will continue to engage with clients and contractors to support contractors both during and after the transition.