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Contracting with APR

At APR, we work with clients across the UK to help them identify and hire the right people. We work with a philosophy of targeting opportunities to skilled actuarial contractors, ensuring that we match people to roles which suit their skills and requirements.

If you would like to work with APR, we would be delighted to chat with you about our current and upcoming opportunities.

Why APR?

APR has been building strong contractor relationships for more than 15 years and our extensive experience of the market has given us a strong insight into what contractors find valuable. Our aim is to make contracting as simple as possible; finding you the roles best suited to your skills and supporting you throughout the recruitment process.

To ensure that we can give you our best we will consider:

  • Your skills and experience
  • Your expectations
  • What you want from your next contract
  • Your longer term ambitions

Feedback is important to ensure that we are providing an exceptional service to both our contractors and our clients. Based on your feedback, we now offer a dedicated contact point for all contractors and support from our specialist actuarial team. We continue to encourage open communication and will ask you for feedback on our processes, engagement, and any projects/assignments you may work on.


Snapshot of 2023 Q1 Skills Requirements

APR clients with requirements 2023 Q1

Actuarial internship

Join our contractor pool

Whether you are a seasoned actuarial contractor or new to contracting, simply submit your CV using the button below, or contact the resourcing team to chat about your options.

Contractor referral scheme

We also offer a generous referral scheme, with a referral fee of £500 on completion of the first three months of billable client work by that contractor, followed by another payment of £500 on completion of a further three months. To be eligible for the reward we just require the contact details of the new contractor and their permission for us to contact them.

APR’s Resourcing Team

Kevin, Engagement Manager          

Nikki, Engagement Consultant       

Aileen, Resourcing Support Analyst

Heather, Resourcing Support Analyst